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Cold Chain Cargo

Optimized, cool chain solution to keep product efficacy intact.


Cold Chain Cargo

Optimized, cool chain solution to keep product efficacy intact.

Optimized, cool chain solution to keep product efficacy intact

If you have cold chain cargo that needs to travel, we know how to keep things cool.

Our sophisticated, state of the art technology will limit temperature fluctuations and keep things moving to ensure your cargo gets to its destination in a quick and timely manner while ensuring product efficacy remains 100% intact.

With our quick ramp transfer procedures and dedicated processing facilities, our specialist operations teams will manage the movement of your cargo to maintain a stable temperature at every step of the way.

We understand that time is of the essence and things need to be moved quickly. On the other hand, a fluctuation of one or two degrees can lead to permanent damage. For everything that can go wrong, we’ve developed the perfect set of systems and solutions that gets the job done in a timely and reliable manner.

At SpiceXpress we employ a systematic plan at every phase of the journey. Your shipment will be accurately tracked through our unique cloud server and our barcode sticker system allows an effective dispatch and easy tracking.

It’s no wonder why our customers remain loyal to our services time and time again.

Our Expertise

Some key features of our specialized product are:

  • Priority uplift on flights as per booking.
  • Service available across all stations.
  • Temperature controlled warehouse facility for shipments requiring storage and handling. 2° - 8° and 15° - 25° Celsius available at select stations. (Check with station in-charge for availability).
  • Special handling and loading procedures to avoid temperature fluctuations during carriage.
  • Quick transportation between warehouse and aircraft.
  • Temperature regulation is possible on SpiceXpress Boeing aircraft.
  • Expedited delivery at the destination.
  • Specialized and dedicated trolleys & vehicles to transport shipments.
  • Real-time status updates available using your tracking link.
  • We accept DRY ICE as packing material on Boeing aircraft. (Limitations may apply - check with the station in-charge for further details).