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High Value Cargo

The safest way to transport your diamonds and precious stones.


High Value Cargo

Heightened security for all your high-value goods.

Heightened security for all your high-value goods

There’s certain cargo that’s far too valuable to take chances with. That’s why we offer high-value cargo service for all items that require an additional layer of security.

All your gold, bullion, silver, diamonds, platinum, other precious metals and stones, and high-value cargo with being safe and secure in our hands.

Complacency and inexact methodologies simply aren’t good enough. Security needs to be prioritized at every step of the way. With securely sealed cargo boxes combined with constant surveillance by experienced personnel, we’ll take appropriate steps to perceive and mitigate all potential risks for the entire duration that you place your precious cargo in our hands.

We understand that along with monetary value, the sentimental value can also be a factor. That’s why we’ll never be complacent with our duties.

Given our extensive network and 14 years of airline experience, we know how to deliver goods in a fast and efficient manner without ever compromising on quality. We’ve earned our reputation for being a reliable service provider which is why you can always place your trust in us.

Our Expertise

Some key features of our specialized product are:

  • Priority uplift on flights as per booking.
  • Service available across all stations on the domestic network.
  • Shipments move in specially designed, sealed box under constant security surveillance.
  • Storage in strong rooms with 24*7 CCTV coverage.
  • Shorter acceptance time and expedited delivery at destination.
  • High-priority loading on the flight.
  • Dedicated team to monitor and escort all shipments.
  • Real-time status updates available on our online tracking app.