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B2B Solutions for Ecommerce Movement

Helping you serve your customers.


Bulk, Cross Border Ecommerce

Helping you serve your customers.

Helping you serve your customers

Do you have the need to transport cargo for the purposes of e-commerce and retail? Whether it’s clothing, electronic equipment, or whatever your cherished customers are buying from you, we’ll make sure it gets to where it needs to be in a time-efficient manner.

If you want to form a partnership with a transportation specialist that can get your goods delivered efficiently every time, then SpiceXpress is here for you. Our use of our barcode sticker system enables effective dispatch and easy tracking throughout the journey, using our unique cloud server.

We understand that time is money and any delay can have a knock-on effect. Having said that, a commitment to quality is equally important.

Whether you need a steady and regular service or you have a significant quantity of goods that needs to be delivered in time for a flash sale our fleet and extensive network is at the ready.

Getting goods delivered on time with impeccable quality can be the difference between a satisfied customer and a damaged reputation. We take our role very seriously and work effortlessly to ensure your customers are happy and your business is prosperous.

Our Expertise

Some key features of our specialized product are:

  • Experts in partnering with e-commerce and retail businesses.
  • Real-time status updates available on our online tracking app.
  • Expedited delivery at destination.
  • High-priority loading on the flight.
  • Specialized handling by trained personnel.
  • Service available across all stations.