FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions - SpiceXpress

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do you have a convenient packaging service, with a built-in price for shipping that I can use?

Ans. No. At this moment we are not offering packaging or repackaging.

Q. Do you charge a minimum chargeable weight per shipment?

Ans. Yes, Minimum Chargeable weight is 25kg per shipment. Please speak to your SpiceXpress expert for details.

Q. What is the minimum and maximum weight per item/box?

Ans. Minimum 1 Kg. Maximum 80 kg for lower-deck cargo. For main-deck palletized cargo, we accept the following pallet sizes: PAG – the max gross weight of 6,033kg.

Q. What are the maximum box dimensions you can accept?

Ans. 48 X 52 X 34 inches for lower deck cargo. For the main deck, the pallet (PAG) base size of 2,235 mm x 3,175 mm.

Q. How do you calculate volumetric weight?

Ans. LBH/6000 cm. Or, LBH/366 inches.

Q. Are there any commodities banned from your services?

Ans. The following commodities are banned on ALL SpiceJet flights. We recommend you check with your SpiceXpress expert before planning your cargo:

  • Philately items
  • Pornography
  • Illegal drugs
  • Firearms, parts thereof and ammunition
  • Commodities banned by law at any given time without prior notice
  • All IATA Restricted items
Restricted Commodities include:
  • Electronic, Electrical Products and Spare Parts with a battery source.
  • The single package over 80kg; and for SpiceXpress freighter network: 3,334kg on a main deck pallet position.
  • Oversized packages (max. dimensions accepted: 48"x52"x34"); for SpiceXpress freighter network please check with your SpiceXpress expert (dimensions of the main cargo door are 82” x 132).
  • Commodities banned by law at any given time and without prior notice.
  • Any shipment which would be likely to cause damage (or delay) to equipment, personnel or other shipments.
  • Any shipment which may require the carrier to obtain a license for its transportation.
  • Any item whose carriage is prohibited by any law, statute or regulations of the country of origin or destination, or of any country through which the shipment may transit.

Q. How do I get credentials to log in to the spicexpress.com website?

Ans. You need to contact SpiceXpress customer services from the "Contact Us" page, Or You can contact them using the "Floating Button" window provided on the right side.

Q. How can I create a new booking?

Ans. Registered User: Login into your SpiceXpress account and click on Booking form link provided at the top to fill the Booking Form, Our team will contact you to help you further with the process. New User: Contact customer services (phone/ email/ enquiry forms/ location) using "Floating Button" window provided on the right side.

Q. Can I change the booking details after shipment is physically accepted in the waybill?

Ans. Please contact SpiceXpress customer services at: +91 9999 570 570.

Q. Do you have door-to-door service, How can I book it?

Ans. Yes, Refer to "Door to Door Express Delivery" service page Or contact customer services.

Q. How can I track my shipment?

Ans. You can track your shipment from the "Homepage" at the “SpiceTag” window using your AWB (Airway Bill Number) or Docket Number.

Q. Where can I find delivery time for my shipment?

Ans. Go Homepage at www.spicexpress.com, at SpiceTag form enter your AWB (Air Waybill) Number and click "Submit". It will open a page with the shipment tracking status, click on "More details", at the "Shipment details" tab you can check your shipment delivery date.

Q. How to contact SpiceXpress customer services?

Ans. At the "Support" tab click on "Contact Us" page to open Enquiry forms. At the bottom of the form Phone number "+91-9999 570 570" email address "spicexpress@spicejet.com" is provided. By clicking the "Locate Cargo Offices" button, you can locate the nearest SpiceXpress Cargo Office.