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Perishable Goods

Delivering your perishable goods fully fresh.


Perishable Goods

Keeping cargo fresh and product integrity intact.

Keeping cargo fresh and product integrity intact

Whether it’s fruit, vegetables, vaccines, flowers or other food items, our integrated cool chain solution will guarantee freshness and product integrity for all your perishable goods while complying with IATA (International Air Transport Association) Perishable Cargo Regulations.

In today’s global commercial environment, a single piece of fruit can travel thousands of miles before it ends up on the plate of the consumer. In the same way, a jar of medicine may travel across several continents before it’s used to cure a patient. That’s why we pay attention to the details and make sure we take maximum care while your goods are in our hands.

We understand that time is of the essence and things need to be moved quickly. On the other hand, just like fluctuation of one or two degrees can lead to permanent damage, an overly humid environment can tarnish your goods while poor handling can severely compromise quality. For everything that can go wrong, we’ve developed the perfect set of systems and solutions that gets the job done in a timely and reliable manner.

Whatever your perishable goods, we will cultivate the ideal and optimal environment for the duration of their journey. Rest assured that, upon delivery, your goods will be as fresh as they were when they were placed in our hands.

Our Expertise

Some key features of our specialized product are:

  • Confirmed booking on flights.
  • Service available across all stations across the network.
  • Special handling by trained personnel to retain quality and freshness of goods.
  • Short acceptance time and expedited retrieval at the destination.
  • Loading priority on booked flight.
  • Temperature-controlled storage facilities are available at all metro airports. (Check with the team for availability).
  • Real-time status updates on our online track and trace portal.